2 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins For Web + Mobile

download 2 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins For Web + Mobile


Of all the ways to get more traffic to your website one method in particular that I experimented with in 2017 was website push notifications.
Like the notifications you get on your phone, browser push notifications let you send messages to your website’s visitors even when they’re not on your website

It’s a method that I’ve definitely seen success with and I encourage you to try it on your own website:

What To Look For In A Push Notification Plugin

As you go through this list, there are a few things that you should pay attention to:

What devices does the service support? Most services support Chrome and Firefox, but it is rare to find a service that supports Safari, which may be a problem if you have a lot of visitors using Safari.
How many subscribers will you have?
Depending on how many subscribers you think you’ll have, some services may be cheaper than others
What extra features does the service offer?Think of whether you need features like segmentation, scheduling, A/B testing and more.

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Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins For 2018

1. PushEngag

is technically a standalone service for mobile and web push notifications. However, it also offers
a dedicated WordPress plugin
that makes adding push notification functionality to WordPress easy.

download 2 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins For Web + Mobile

PushEngage lets you send push notifications to both desktop and mobile versions of:

Samsung Internet Browser

Beyond that, it includes a number of features to help you send push notifications in a smart way:

Automatic responder
: Send notifications based on a customer’s actions

Easy segmentatio : Segment your visitors based on the URL from which they accepted browser notifications so that you can send them content you know they’ll love.
Geotargeting : Send push notifications to users from specific geolocations.

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RSS to notification
: Set up your RSS feed to instantly alert people whenever you publish new content – without any manual action on your part.

Personalized cart abandonment notifications:
Super helpful if you’re running an eCommerce store on WordPress

Call to action buttons
Add one or more call to action buttons.

PushEngage is free for up to 2,500 subscribers and 120 notifications per month. To manage numbers in excess, you’ll need to pay, starting $25/month.

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