8 Things Ladies Need To Fix Before A Responsible Man Can Marry Them

WAPLOADED_8_things_ladies_need_to_fix_before_a-294x300 8 Things Ladies Need To Fix Before A Responsible Man Can Marry Them

Therefore, 8 things ladies need to fix before a responsible man can marry them are as follows; 

1. Financial dependence and/or over extravagant/wasteful spending

No responsible man wants to marry a lady who mount financial pressure on him at all times, and spends wastefully without considering future possible challenge. Ladies need to understand that we are no longer in the olden days where men harbour their wives in the house, not allowing them to work. Ladies who depend so much on vague things to lifting their financial burden, and spend wastefully need to upgrade their “Operating System” before they are being placed on OLX by their parents

2. Bad attitude

The large percent of pretty ladies are somewhat dumb and lack rational thinking. This is because the compliments they receive daily tend to becloud their right sense of reasoning, hence, they become rude and talk foolishly. However, they display all manners of derogatory attitudes such as pride, over-bloated ego, etc. These display of attitudes need to be fixed before in order to attract responsible suitors.

3. Unappealing way of dressing

If given chance, some ladies could walk Unclad on the streets. Some of them dress indecently and provocatively that you begin to wonder if they have brains at all. I am not trying to say that a lady should wear “parachute or agbada” before she can attract a responsible man, but she needs to dress responsibly and reasonably.

4. Poor intellect

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Some slowpoke ladies believe that beauty is all a responsible man crave for and that is why they use different measures to look beautiful, without venturing in intellectual exercise that will enhance her market value. Ladies need to know that no matter how pretty they are, their boyfriends can dump them for not so pretty ladies.

WAPLOADED_8_things_ladies_need_to_fix_before_a-294x300 8 Things Ladies Need To Fix Before A Responsible Man Can Marry Them

5. Proving hard to get

I don’t know why some ladies derive joy in playing kite or chess with the lives of their suitors. It’s very important to know that the chase will always dwindle as you grow older. Some ladies have lost their future husbands with this hard-to-get principles. At the end of the day, they will start visiting prophets, herbalists, guru maraji, etc, for deliverance from delayed marriage.

6. Untidiness and laziness

During courtship, some ladies will start telling you the number of maids they want as soon as they marry. These ladies are extremely lazy and can’t even wash plate or clothes. I have even heard quite a few number of ladies saying ” I can’t wash my husband’s clothes because I’m not his maid”. They need to recondition their minds and work on their laziness.

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7. Unwilling to do house chores

This is a huge turn off for guys who visit a lady’s house only to discover that everywhere is upside down. Pants and bras are hovering at every corner of the room; unwashed smelling plates in the kitchen, etc. This will reduce the chase of a man towards that lady.

8. Dating several guys

The worth of some ladies is measured by the number of “chairmen” stalking them. You see some of them bragging to their friends that they’ve got so many suitor asking for a date. As soon as I notice this shameful act in a lady, I will just lose interest in her and drift away.

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