How to Install a Wireless Printer Without a Router

Are you familiar with the wireless printer? Most peple make use of the wired printer for their works and do not know the wireless printer works. Hence, it is necessary to know how a wireless printer works. However, I have put together this tutorial in a simplified form to guide you on How to Install a Wireless Printer Without a Router. This tutorial will enable you install a wireless printer without a router.

It is quite convenient using a wireless printer connected to a wireless router for a flexible working environment. More so, a router is not necessarily required for such wireless printing even though it makes things easier. These wireless printers can be installed and shared using an ad hoc wireless conection.

How to Install a Wireless Printer Without a Router

Install the Printer Software

In setting up a wireless printer without a router, connect the wireless printer to the main computer. Connect it through the USB port and install the printer software in the computer. Then select the option “Local printer attached to this computer”.

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Set Up Ad Hoc Wireless Network

The Ad hoc wireless network is created on the main computer. Select the “Set Up a wireless computer-to-computer network” option in the “Network and sharing Center” option. However, create a network name, then select the security type and create a security passcode. Now, you will be required to use WPA2-Personal security. Tick the box next to “Save this network” to save the settings.

Activate Printer Sharing Options

Go to the Control panel, select “Network Setup Wizard”to switch on file and printer sharing capabilities. Then go back to the printer’s properties and change the configuration to use TCP/IP connection. However, assign an IP address which has same gateway, subnet and channel as the main computer.

In conclusion, ensure the wireless printer and computers are close enough to aid communication. Hope you were able to grasp the rudiments on How to Install a Wireless Printer Without a Router.

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