Is Cloud Hosting an environment friendly choice?


images-300x215 Is Cloud Hosting an environment friendly choice?

Is Cloud Hosting an environment friendly choice?

As the acceptance of technology into different walks of life increases, the world is faced with a problem of increasing number of users, exponentially increasing volumes of data and a subsequent demand for hardware. This invariably implies higher energy and resource consumption resulting in an increasing carbon footprint. While most organizations do their bit to ensure that the impact on our environment due to their business activities is minimal, data centers consume a lot of power and also cause considerable heat emissions which invariably hurt the environment.

In such a landscape, Cloud hosting services, by the virtue of their design allow businesses to store, manage, distribute, and retrieve data over a network without the need of physical hardware. This means that companies using the cloud need lesser resources, leading to reduced utilization of power. In this article, we will look at the reasons why cloud hosting is an environmentally friendly choice.


Most Cloud hosting providers use virtualization across systems, servers, or data to offer cloud hosting services. Virtualization, in simple words, is a technique to create virtual versions of your physical resource. It can help you run multiple operating systems on one physical server. Hence, the provider maximizes the servers present thereby reducing the need for more servers. This, in turn, saves energy and physical space, making it a more sustainable model.

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Virtualization, as explained above, also allows cloud hosting providers to have multiple users on the same physical resource. This feature helps them in using the available resources optimally, and there is no need for additional resources and infrastructure for each user. Hence, the hardware requirement in a cloud data center is less as compared to the traditional ones.

Lesser e-waste

Every year, millions of tonnes of e-waste is produced globally, polluting the environment. Cloud hosting services require lesser hardware equipments and use these resources optimally. Hence, the e-waste generated by them is much lower than the traditional data centers, resulting in a less polluted environment.

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Lesser energy consumption

Cloud hosting services optimally utilize the available resources, minimizing the consumption of energy which could arise if new resources were used. Further, by effectively controlling and managing the usage of such resources, they work in a more eco-friendly manner as compared to the traditional hosting services.


Sustainability is one of the lesser spoken attributes of cloud-based services. However, the way the cloud has been designed, it ensures less damage to nature, making it an environment-friendly choice. With businesses around the world opting for greener tech solutions, Cloud Hosting is certainly the future of hosting services.

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