On News!! Notorious Killers Who Murdered 46 People At A Burial In Zamfara Captured By Nigerian Police

i. Ibrahim Musa a.k.a Zage -28Yrs – Gang Leader

ii. Five (5) members of the gang were killed by the Police Joint Team in a shootout before the gang leader was arrested.

i. Lucky John -29Yrs – Gang Leader

ii. Danjuma Biko -32Yrs – Principal suspect

iii. Sedua Augustine -31Yrs – Principal suspect

iv. Surajo Ibrahim -37Yrs – Principal suspect

v. Samaila Adamu -25Yrs – Principal suspect

vi. Joseph Kakuri -31Yrs – Principal suspect

vii. Yusuf Mohammed -30Yrs – Principal suspect

viii. Buhari Auta -27Yrs – Principal suspect

ix. Usman Wakili -42Yrs – Principal suspect

x. Sani Dangaladima -43Yrs – Principal suspect

xi. Abdullahi Abubakar -25Yrs – Principal suspect

xii. Seun Gabriel -27Yrs – Principal suspect

xiii. Abdulmalik Sani -22Yrs – Principal suspect

xiv. Danladi Mohammed -22Yrs – Principal suspect

xv. Daniel Ocheku -28Yrs – Principal suspect

xvi. Thomas Osomigbakha -40Yrs – Principal suspect

xvii. Zubairu Usman -32Yrs – Principal suspect

xviii. Ayuba Yusuf -20Yrs – Principal suspect

xix. Nasiru Danladi -25Yrs – Principal suspect

xx. Abdulrashid Abdulazeez -28Yrs – Principal suspect

xxi. Nasiru Saidu -22Yrs – Principal suspect

xxii. Iliyasu Aliyu -49Yrs – Principal suspect

xxiii. Mohammed Mohammed -19Yrs – Principal suspect

xxiv. Umar Mohammed -18Yrs – Principal suspect

xxv. Mati Baso -25Yrs – Principal suspect

xxvi. Hassan Usman -32Yrs – Principal suspect

xxvii. Gado Salihu -38Yrs – Principal suspect

i. John orkar -32Yrs – Gang Leader

ii. Monday okon -29Yrs – Principal suspect

iii. Aminu mohammed -27Yrs – Principal suspect

iv. Manir abubakar -29Yrs

v. Haruna Adamu -26Yrs

vi. Aliyu Zakaria -23Yrs

vii. Dahiru Idris -30Yrs

viii. Faruk Umar Ibrahim -35Yrs

ix. Mohammed Tahir -38Yrs

x. Nasiru Jibril -33Yrs

xi. Yakubu Gowon -49Yrs

xii. Bala Adamu -32Yrs

xiii. Sani Suleiman -43Yrs

xiv. Alhaji Abba Isah -23Yrs


i. Three (3) SMG Rifles

ii. One (1) Foreign Made AK52 Rifle

iii. Two (2) Foreign Made AK47 Rifles

iv. Forty One (41) Locally Fabricated AK47 Rifles

v. Three (3) Beretta Pistols

vi. One (1) Kral Magnun Pistol

vii. Seven (7) Locally Made Pistols

viii. Four (4) Dane Guns

ix. Eight (8) AK47 Magazine

x. One Hundred and Sixty Eight (168) 7.62X39MM Ammunition

xi. One Hundred and Forty Six (146) 7.62 X51MM Ammunition

xii. Firearm fabricating implements

xiii. Assorted Gold Jewelleries worth Sixteen Million Naira (N16,000,000.00)

xiv. Three (2) Toyota Corolla Cars (Operational vehicles of the Gangs)

xv. One (1) Pontiac Vibe Jeep (Operational vehicle of the Gangs)

xvi. One (1) Toyota Camry Car (Operational vehicle of the Gangs)

xvii. One (1) Volkwagen Golf Car (Operational vehicle of the Gangs)

xviii. One (1) white Toyota Hilux vehicle (Operational vehicle of the Gangs)

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim K. Idris, NPM, mni, on the 2nd of May, 2018 paid an operational visit to Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State to assess the security situation as a result of recent killings of innocent people in the area.

2. The IGP during the visit approved the creation of One (1) Police Area Command and Two (2) new Divisional Headquarters. He also ordered the immediate deployment of additional Two Hundred (200) Police Personnel and Ten (10) patrol vehicles to beef-up security in Birnin-Gwari, Kaduna State to Zamfara to flush out armed bandits in the area.

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3. The IGP consequently deployed Joint Police Special Team comprising the IGP Monitoring Unit, IGP Special Tactical Squad, The Police Special Forces and the Personnel of Kaduna State Police Command under the Supervision of Commissioner of Police, Kaduna State to embark on the operation to rout out all the armed bandits and militias responsible for the senseless killings of innocent villagers in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State and other towns and villages in Zamfara State.

4. This operation which is still ongoing has been yielding positive results and culminated in the arrest of the above mention vicious armed bandits and militias terrorizing the areas from Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State to other villages and towns in Zamfara State.

5. 1st Gang

i. Mohammed Rabiu (Gang Leader) -29Yrs

ii. Ardo Aliyu (Principal Suspect) – 45Yrs

iii. Four (4) members of the gang were killed by the Police Joint Team in a shootout before the gang leader was arrested.

This gang led by Mohammed Rabiu was arrested after Four (4) members of the gang were killed by the Police Joint Team in a shootout in the forest at Bawan Daji, Anka LGA in Zamfara State. He confessed to have been responsible for the killing of Forty Six (46) people during the burial of three (3) people that his gang killed earlier in Bawan Daji village in Zamfara State.

Seven (7) AK47 Rifles were recovered from his gang. He will be charged to court on completion of investigation.

2nd Gang

i. Abdullahi Abubakar -35Yrs

ii. Halidu Musa -34Yrs

iii. Mohammed Ruwa -30Yrs

iv. Mohammed Sani -30Yrs

v. Dahiru Yahaya -38Yrs

vi. Mohammed Musa -30Yrs

vii. Samaila Umar -39Yrs

viii. Inusa Magauri -50Yrs

ix. Ibrahim Magaji -29Yrs

x. Lawal Dalha -30Yrs

Dealers in Prohibited firearms and ammunition. Selling arms and ammunition to the armed bandits and militia gangs operating in Birnin Gwari to Zamfara State. They admitted and confessed to the Police investigation team to have sold over Five (5) AK47 rifles to the armed bandits killing innocent people in the villages in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State to Zamfara State. Twenty (20) locally made AK47 rifles were recovered from them

3rd Gang –

i. Ibrahim Musa a.k.a Zage -28Yrs – Gang Leader

ii. Five (5) members of the gang were killed by the Police Joint Team in a shootout before the gang leader was arrested.

This Gang led by Ibrahim Musa a.k.a Zage has been on the wanted list of the Police in Zamfara, Niger, Kogi and FCT for several kidnappings, armed robbery and Rape of their victims for some time now. He recently kidnapped a business man and collected ransom of Ten Million Naira

(N10,000,000) after robbing the same victim of seven million naira (N7,000,000) from the victim’s car. Some of his victims have equally id​entified him. Five (5) locally made AK47 Rifles were recovered from the gang.

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4th Gang

i. Seun Gabriel -27Yrs- Gang Leader

ii. Lucky John -29Yrs

iii. Danjuma Biko -32Yrs

iv. Sedua Augustine -31Yrs

v. Surajo Ibrahim -37Yrs

vi. Samaila Adamu -25Yrs

vii. Joseph Kakuri -31Yrs

viii. Yusuf Mohammed -30Yrs

ix. Buhari Auta -27Yrs

x. Usman Wakili -42Yrs

xi. Sani Dangaladima -43Yrs

xii. Abdullahi Abubakar -25Yrs

xiii. Abdulmalik Sani -22Yrs

xiv. Danladi Mohammed -22Yrs

xv. Daniel Ocheku -28Yrs

xvi. Thomas Osomigbakha -40Yrs

xvii. Zubairu Usman -32Yrs

xviii. Ayuba Yusuf -20Yrs

xix. Nasiru Danladi -25Yrs

xx. Abdulrashid Abdulazeez -28Yrs

xxi. Nasiru Saidu -22Yrs

xxii. Iliyasu Aliyu -49Yrs

xxiii. Mohammed Mohammed -19Yrs

xxiv. Umar Mohammed -18Yrs

xxv. Mati Baso -25Yrs

xxvi. Hassan Usman -32Yrs

xxvii. Gado Salihu -38Yrs

The twenty seven (27) suspects listed above were arrested from their criminal hideouts in the Forest between Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State, Niger and Zamfara States. They belong to the groups that have been terrorizing travellers and other road users on the road between Niger, Kaduna and Zamfara State. Eleven (11) vehicles robbed from their victims at gun points which they have converted six (6) to their operational vehicles were recovered from them. Twenty locally made AK47 rifles were also recovered from them by the Police team.

5th Gang

i. Yakubu Gowon -49Yrs (Gang Leader)

ii. John orkar -32Yrs (Principal Suspect)

iii. Monday okon -29Yrs (Principal Suspect)

iv. Aminu mohammed -27Yrs

v. Manir abubakar -29Yrs

vi. Haruna Adamu -26Yrs

vii. Aliyu Zakaria -23Yrs

viii. Dahiru Idris -30Yrs

ix. Faruk Umar Ibrahim -35Yrs

x. Mohammed Tahir -38Yrs

xi. Nasiru Jibril -33Yrs

xii. Bala Adamu -32Yrs

xiii. Sani Suleiman -43Yrs

xiv. Alhaji Abba Isah -23Yrs

The above gang were responsible for several armed robberies and other violent crimes within Kaduna and Niger States. They were arrested after they robbed a resident in Minna, Niger State. Gold Jewelleries worth Sixteen Million Naira (N16,000,000) robbed from their victims were recovered from them. They have made useful statements to the Police and confessed to the crime. Some of their victims have equally identified them. They will be charged on completion of investigation.

6. The Nigeria Police Force will continue to sustain the tempo of the fight against armed banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, car snatching, cattle rustling, unlawful possession of prohibited firearms and other violent crimes in the country and guarantee adequate protection of Lives and Property.





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